9 Power principles

Think Excellence was conceived and written as a platform upon which to present the 9 Power Principles – a rich mosaic of enduring values, beliefs and concepts which inspire, transform and inform the way we think and proactively react to life's experiences and realities.

Each Power Principle is intended to help you attain higher levels of personal and professional performance, achievement and fulfillment. As you embrace each Principle, you will become one step closer to realizing your untapped potential.

Welcome to the 9 Power Principles of Think Excellence - your “power-principled” platform for achieving greatness.

the 9 power principles

Power principles
Principle Number One
Always Target Your Power Goals
Be focused and aim high, not wide.
Principle Number Two
Refresh your Power Goals Before Reentering the Starting Gate
If necessary, realign your goals based on new realities.
Principle Number Three
The Power of Weakness Informs Success
Understand and embrace weakness… don't ignore them.
Principle Number Four
Perfection Is the Enemy of Excellence
Never strive for perfection; it hinders a path toward excellence.
Principle Number Five
Seek Solutions to Problems Rather Than Just Their Causes
Time is limited; let's fix it or make it better. Don't get stuck in the why, focus on the how.
Principle Number Six
Make Foresight Your 20/20 Hindsight Objective
Think before it happens.
Principle Number Seven
Life Gets in the Way of Life
Expect and anticipate life's unexpected, unanticipated “curveballs.”
Principle Number Eight
Embrace and Celebrate Detours, Roadblocks, Speed Bumps, and Stop Signs
A journey well-traveled helps ensure safe arrival.
Principle Number Nine
People Support What They Help Create
Two is better than one; and three: even better.
Collaboration rules.

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