Think Excellence was born of a concept used to help motivate others to create a mindset that assesses individual and collective potential that encourages the pursuit of consistent improvement. It's also a call to think beyond self imposed limitations; to think boldly, creatively, tactically, and strategically. The challenge here is to stretch your potential, your capabilities, your imagination, and your capacity, in the hope of excelling toward a point of maximum potential.

This book is about aspiring to be the best while learning to harness the untapped power within all of us.

What Others Are Saying

Think Excellence is truly an enriching compendium of thought-provoking principles and values that help inform our lives. The nine power principles, as presented in this book, challenge our ability and capacity to expand our personal and professional aspirations and skills beyond the status quo. It stimulates thought, challenges assumptions, and provides the reader with a wide array of enduring options and lifechanging alternatives.

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Cofounder and Vice Chair
FranklinCovey Corporation

Think Excellence is a highly organized and enjoyable blueprint for achieving our highest potential. Drawing upon his vast knowledge and expertise, Dr. Botwinick empowers us to use the outlined strategies—the nine power principles—for achieving excellence. He encourages us to examine our actions and cautions us not to confuse excellence with perfection, providing us with a valuable action plan for reaching our personal excellence. It will be a great benefit to all who heed its lessons.

Richard M. Steinbook, MD
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
Director of Residency Training, University of Miami

Excellence in our lives and in our relationships starts with our ability to generate excellent thoughts. This well-constructed book by Dr. Botwinick delivers many of the valuable tools needed to achieve excellent thoughts and excellent outcomes.

M. Gary Neuman
Author of Connect to Love: The Keys to Transforming Your Relationship

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